Buddhist Circuit

About Buddhist Circuit

Centuries ago, a child was born in royal kingdom who later gave the world a new way of life, which would release their inner conflicts, problems and suffering and help them lead a life full of peace and contentment.

Prince Gautama Siddhartha renounced everything’s to search the essence of life and came to Bihar, India. And Bihar is where he found what he was looking for – enlightenment. From then on, the Buddha explored this beautiful country, discovered the middle path, preached to his disciples and finally attend Mahaparinirvana.

It is believed that the Buddha wanted every Buddhist to visit the four places that were significant in his life. Lumbini (in Nepal) his birthplace, Bodhgaya – where he attained enlightenment, Sarnath – where he preached his first sermon and Kushinagar where he attained Mahaparinirvana. These places are respected as the greatest Buddhist Pilgrimages. Since then, many of his disciples have built Stupas, Statues, Sculptures and shown Buddha in Various forms of art and architecture. Bihar is a State that is rich with impressions of Buddhism and we at Visit Bihar are fully equipped with the knowledge and in-depth connection with tourism product in Buddhist Circuit.